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Welcome to the official Terry Downtain website. Terry has scored many independent films as well as written music for several pilots for TV, commercials and web sites.  Terry's most recent cause for excitement is his composition of the score for Lynch Mob, an independent feature film opening Nationwide on September 18, 2009, Starring Tony Darrow from HBO's Sopranos and Good Fellows, Paul Borghese from Law and Order and Third Watch, an amazing performance by Michael H. Cole as Weasel, and John J. Cornetta who Terry has worked with on many occasions.

 On this site you can check out numerous short films featuring Terry’s music or jump right to the music page to indulge yourself.  Another film featuring an original score by Terry is  “The Gallon Challenge”, an independent feature film written and produced by Wes Bennett and directed by Brent Brooks. Check out the links section to see the trailer.  He is currently awaiting the edit of “Public School” to begin working his music magic.  Public School was written and directed by Ryan Prows.  Click on the banner above to see the trailer on Youtube.  Make sure to check out .22 one of Terry's favorite shorts done for the 2005 48 hour film project in Atlanta. You will find it in the film area, of course.  Among the many awards won, .22 was chosen for an Audience Choice award and came in 1st place for Best Film. Terry won  Best Original Score, Ryan Prows - Best Director, Mike Moghaddam - Best Cinematography, Tony Westerfield & Ryan Prows - Best Editing, Chris Brown & Tony Westerfield - Best Special Effects just to name a few of the awards won by the amazing Crew of .22 . Everyone involved did such a great job, and winning this many awards at the festival is just a small testament to that fact. Feel free to view a complete list of all the awards For .22.Terry also won Best Sound Design in the 2007  48 hour film project in Atlanta with the Black Knight Stunts team for their film “In A Perfect World”.  There are also many other short films in the film area so please don't limit yourself to just one. Terry is always open to new projects and ideas.  Due to contractual obligations many samples are not included on this site.  Terry has written music for every genre from Rock to Metal to Country to Symphonic to Children’s music.  Please feel free to contact via email if you would like a broader sample of his work or if you would like to discuss your upcoming project.